Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an innovative device that dentists use for restoration procedures. It serves as the artificial root that anchors removable or permanent replacement teeth to your jawbone.

Implants vs Dentures | Dental Implants in NYC | Dental Implants NYC

There are several reasons to consider dental implants. When an individual loses a tooth, the jawbone that supported the tooth recedes. This process destabilizes and compromises your other teeth. Dentists use implants to provide the sensory input that the jawbone needs to retain its shape and to stabilize the other teeth.

Dental implants can be made of titanium or ceramic. The doctor can use the device and a crown to restore a severely damaged or missing tooth without compromising the health of adjacent teeth. If you are missing several teeth, dental implants can support other dental prosthetics, such as bridges and dentures.

The doctor can attach your bridge to the dental implants instead of healthy nearby teeth. This eliminates the requirement that the dentist alter the shape of your natural teeth to secure the bridge. It alleviates the risk that your bridge will fail because you lost supporting teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease. Dental implants restore your mouth’s normal appearance and prevents future bone loss. This enables your face to retain its unique contours and youthful appearance.

Implants vs Dentures

There are some things to consider when weighing the options of implants vs dentures. Traditional dentures are uncomfortable because they can slip in your mouth and irritate your gums. They make it difficult to bite, chew and taste your food. Patients who wear traditional dentures usually experience bone loss in the area where they lost their teeth. A skilled dentist uses dental implants to secure dentures to your jaws. Dental implants preserve bone and make meals more enjoyable because the anchoring device enables the dentures to function like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

The procedure has an overall success rate of 98 percent. If you are considering dental implant services, you should schedule a consultation. The dentist will explain the procedure and determine whether you have good dental and overall health. Certain medications and medical conditions can interfere with healing process and success of the procedure. You must have healthy gum tissue and sufficient bone to support the implant. If you have already lost some bone in your jaw, you may still be a candidate. The doctor can explain your options and develop your customized treatment plan. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

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