Experienced New York Implant Dentistry in the Heart of Manhattan

Dental implants are a consideration for individuals seeking a solution to dentures or bridgework. Traditional procedures such as dentures and bridges can be difficult to maintain or result in an improper fit. Those weighing the many benefits of dental implants NJ, need to look no further than Downtown Dental Studio, ideally located in the middle of Manhattan. Since 2003, our skilled professionals have been exceeding the high expectations of our patients, giving them the opportunity to create a brilliant, confident smile.

Downtown Dental Studio offers a range of cosmetic procedures to patients including Invisalign dentist NYC, whitening treatments, and veneers, as well as regular dental cleanings and examinations. New York Implant Dentistry is ideal for individuals looking for an alternative to wearing dentures, are missing teeth, and do not have oral tissue damage. It is important for our patients to recognize the commitment and recovery involved with dental implants NJ, prior to beginning the process.

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone through a surgical cut to the gum, and are made out of titanium, a metal that does not decay over time. The placement of the implant is deep within the bone, to ensure that it functions similar to an original root for the missing tooth. This helps to stabilize and provide optimal support to the crown that is ultimately attached to replace the missing tooth. Consistently practicing healthy oral hygiene habits at home and visiting a dentist becomes a priority following the procedure to maintain the strength of the implant.

Our New York implant dentistry professionals have completed years of rigorous training and accumulated substantial expertise in their respective areas of cosmetic dentistry. Prior to beginning the surgical phase of dental implants we want to ensure that you are fully educated regarding what to expect during the surgical and restorative phase of implants, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful experience. Downtown Dental Studio is proud that we have been able to achieve a 98% success rate with dental implants for their patients interested in dental implants NJ. Whether you are simply looking for an experienced team of professionals to provide dental check-up, or getting a consultation for Invisalign dentist NYC, take a moment to contact Downtown Dental Studio today.