How to Keep Your Teeth Looking Perfect as You Age

A healthy, good-looking smile is sure to boost your self-esteem. It improves your chances of building meaningful relationships, enables you to communicate with ease, and even increase your job opportunities.

While age will take a toll on your teeth, there are a number of things you can do to keep your teeth looking good as you grow older. It is well worth the effort, as comprehensive ongoing dental care can prevent serious, difficult-to-treat oral health problems. Furthermore, as this infographic by Carrington College points out, bright teeth can make you appear five years younger than you would otherwise.


Teeth Whitening

Coffee, wine, tea, candy, certain types of soda, and other foods will, over time, leave unsightly stains on your teeth. Allowing us to remove these stains via tooth whitening treatment will enhance your attractiveness by up to 20%.

Once your teeth have been professionally whitened, keep them looking good by drinking from a straw, rinsing your mouth with water after eating or drinking, and brushing your teeth thirty to sixty minutes after food consumption.


It is not uncommon for teeth to turn yellow as you age. As you approach your golden years, the enamel wears thin and teeth tend to darken. If this type of dental discoloration cannot be treated with whitening treatments, it can be remedied with veneers.

Additionally, veneers can change the shape of the tooth. Believe it or not, your canine teeth may even indicate your personality type. If you want to showcase your character in the best possible light, consider having the shape of your teeth adjusted and whitened at the same time.

Learn to Relax

People who are frustrated, anxious, angry, and/or are simply drinking too much coffee on a regular basis tend to grind their teeth. Grinding not only changes the shape of your teeth; it can also damage your teeth and lower jaw joints, leading to headaches and earaches.

While we take pride in fixing worn down teeth, we also highly recommend that those who have a problem with teeth grinding assess their schedules and work habits and learn how to deal with stress in a healthy manner.

It is not impossible to keep your teeth looking white and shapely as you age. We look forward to helping you fix common dental problems and offer personalized advice that will prevent future dental issues.