New York Cosmetic Dentist: The Care that You Deserve

A New York Cosmetic Dentist is hard to find, but the best Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan is even harder. Sparkling offices that resemble the sparkle your teeth will have after seeing one of our professional dentists. All of our dentists have been highly trained, certified and excelled in the education of their practice. Check out their specialties and see what suits you the best.

Fadi Beydoun, DMD, MS is one of the best Periodontist Downtown Manhattan. Dr. Beydoun has completed rigorous training in periodontics and dental implants. He has a special interest in these field, constantly updating is knowledge and know-how to better serve you.

Galina Ayzenberg, RDH a New York Cosmetic Dentist, always is reaching to enhance her knowledge of new and innovative dental practices. Her warm smile and helpful hands are what makes your experience with a Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan, a good one.

There are arrays of services a Periodontist Downtown Manhattan can perform. We specialize in gum care, to prevent gum disease. We do dental implants, to help replace any embarrassing, missing or decayed teeth. Find out more about other treatments we offer such as, Juviderm or Botox.

Our New York Cosmetic Dentist facility also has many other amenities, we do personalized porcelain veneers and crowns, to restore, replace and protect your smile for years to come. A Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan should be a positive experience; our testimonials show our satisfied clientele. We often have specials on our website help keep our services affordable and cost efficient.

Call our office and make an appointment today, or fill out or ‘contact us form’ on our website and we will gladly reach out to you at our earliest convenience. You can even bring your spouse to fix their pesky snoring problem! We want to see you smile.