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Services Offered by NY Dental Care Providers

New York Dental care can improve an individual’s quality of life on many levels, including their social life and their career. People notice a smile, and first impressions of a person are often directly related to their smile. Those with unhealthy teeth are often embarrassed by their teeth and self-conscious about smiling. The health of teeth also affects a person’s ability to chew their food in addition to the fact that unhealthy teeth are often a source of pain. Conditions that a New York dental care professional may be able to help with include:

Crooked Teeth

The correction of crooked teeth is one of the older and more established offerings provided by modern dentistry. The solutions in this area include the use of braces as well as the use of more modern solutions such as Invisalign. The Invisalign New York dentists provide has similar benefits as standard orthodontic braces, but are not as obvious. Standard orthodontic braces came with a drawback in that while effective, they are very easily noticed whenever the wearer opens their mouth. They can make a person who has been fitted with them just as self-conscious as they were about their crooked teeth. An Invisalign New York dental practitioner will be able to help their patient correct crooked teeth without the cosmetic drawbacks that come with wearing orthodontic braces.

Discolored Teeth

Most people’s teeth get discolored with age and may make them embarrassed by their smile. Teeth can become yellowed by a number of factors, with smoking being one of the main ones. Drinking coffee or tea on a regular basis can also lead to yellowed teeth. Cosmetic dentists in NY offer teeth whitening among their many services. Teeth can be whitened using a special solution that is placed in a tray that the dental patient can wear over their teeth for a few hours.

Dental Implants

These are permanent prosthetic teeth that a New Jersey or New York dental care provider can install. Unlike other dental appliances like dentures, the dental implants NJ and NY residents have available are fixed and function in much the same way as the individual’s original teeth. The dental implants NJ and NY dentists offer can be used to replace teeth lost due to decay or due to accidents. They are installed by implanting a post into the patient’s jawbone. This post is used to support the upper part or “crown” of the tooth. The crown, which looks and acts like a real tooth, is then attached to the post.

Dental health is as important as any other aspect of human health and has cosmetic value as well. NYC residents with dental problems will need to rectify them by seeking out the providers of quality New York dental care.