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I Have Gapped Teeth: Can Invisalign Help?

I Have Gapped Teeth: Can Invisalign Help?

Gapped teeth aren’t always a dental concern. Many people are proud of the uniqueness gapped teeth provide to their appearance. However, everyone is different, and some people wish they could find a way to change the wide spacing between their teeth. 

Whether you have a gap between two or a few teeth or all of your teeth are widely spaced, Invisalign is an excellent treatment option for this issue. 

Our Downtown Dental Studios office offers Invisalign at affordable prices for patients of all ages. Our providers — Fadi Beydoun, DMD, MS, Alexander Kimon, DMD, and Karina Zaygermakher, DMD — and the rest of our staff want you to have the smile of your dreams, and Invisalign can help with this!    

The lowdown on widely spaced teeth

Gaps in your teeth aren't always a problem for your oral health. Many people have one or more gaps between their teeth and have perfectly healthy mouths and gums. However, sometimes having gapped teeth can cause problems. 

In most cases, spaces between the teeth close as adult teeth come in. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Large gaps between the teeth can sometimes make it hard to brush properly. It can also cause crowding among other teeth, making flossing difficult. 

But for many people, the appearance of spaces between the teeth is the real concern. At Downtown Dental Studios, we want you to always feel excited to share your smile, and if minimizing the gaps between your teeth is the way to make that happen, we want to help!

Invisalign for widely spaced teeth

If you would like to close the gaps between your teeth, Invisalign can be a fantastic tool for this purpose. The invisible aligners are comfortable, convenient, and discrete, making them more popular than regular metal braces. And they work almost 50% faster than metal braces, meaning you’ll see results much sooner. 

Gapped teeth are one of the many issues for which Invisalign is an ideal treatment. Invisalign requires an evaluation by your dentist, who then creates a 3D image of your teeth. The image is used to create the Invisalign aligners specifically molded for your teeth. 

Once they have been created, your dentist fits your aligners in place and shows you how to use them. Every few weeks, you will return to your dentist’s office to receive new aligners that have been slightly adjusted to fit where your teeth are now in the straightening process. When you are satisfied with the results, you will stop wearing them. This usually takes about six months.

Are you ready to get Invisalign? 

If you want to get Invisalign to realign your teeth, now’s the time. Call 212-964-3337 or make an appointment online to see us at our New York City office in the Financial District. We’re ready to help you create the smile you’ve always wanted!

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