5 Important Benefits of Dentures

5 Important Benefits of Dentures

When you have lost several or all of your teeth, dentures are often one of the best options for a safe, healthy mouth in the future. But why should you get dentures rather than simply allowing yourself to live without your missing teeth? 

Here at Downtown Dental Studio, we want you to have the best possible experience for oral health as you age. That’s why we recommend custom dentures for our patients.  

Fadi Beydoun, DMD, MS, Alexander Kimon, DMD, and Karina Zaygermakher, DMD, offer several denture options, including partial, standard, and immediate. If you are missing teeth, let us help you restore your smile.

Dentures 101

As a form of manmade teeth, dentures have been around for centuries, and over time, they have been refined to create an extremely sophisticated option for missing teeth. As you may have guessed, partial dentures are for those missing some teeth, and full dentures are for those missing all of their teeth. 

The earliest dentures might have been made from stones, shells, or even human or animal teeth. These days, dentures are made from plastic and metal. They need to be realigned periodically to ensure they sit in your mouth comfortably as your gums begin healing from the loss of your natural teeth.

Despite the advanced technology associated with today’s dentures, many people are still uncomfortable with getting them. Some think it might make it harder to talk, that they will stain more easily, or that they will move around in their mouths. The truth is dentures provide several wonderful benefits to the wearer. 

5 benefits of dentures 

There are so many benefits associated with getting dentures. Here are just five of the top advantages of the procedure. 

1. Dentures are cost-efficient. 

Dentures are one of the most cost-efficient options to treat the issue of missing teeth. If you have been dealing with missing teeth for a while and didn’t think you would ever be able to fix the issue, you should know dentures are relatively inexpensive and usually covered up to 50% by most insurance plans. 

2. Dentures are better for your oral health

If you are missing a number of your teeth, the wear and tear experienced by your existing teeth will be exponentially worse. Getting dentures helps to protect the teeth you have from becoming worn down when you eat, speak, or do other things that might stress your teeth. 

In addition, with dentures, you will be able to eat healthy foods but often harder to eat without all your teeth, for example, fruits and vegetables. Finally, the bone structure within your mouth will begin to decay without the support of your teeth, a problem that dentures help prevent.

3. Dentures protect the structure of your face. 

If you live for a long time without a number of your teeth, it’s common to experience sagging in that area of your face. The facial muscles there don’t have the support they once did, which can cause changes to the way your face looks. Dentures prevent this. 

4. Dentures promote self-confidence. 

When you are missing multiple teeth, it can take a toll on how you view yourself. You might begin to feel that you don’t want to smile because you’re afraid others will notice your missing teeth. 

With dentures, you can smile without fear. After all, modern dentures look just like natural teeth, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

5. Dentures are customized for you. 

Your dentures are made specifically for your mouth. Over time, they will need to be realigned to ensure they continue to sit correctly in your mouth, but as long as you keep up with your appointments, your dentures will always fit you like a glove.

Ready for dentures?

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, it’s time to consider this helpful option. 

Simply call our New York City office in the Financial District at 212-964-3337 or book an appointment online.

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