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Teeth Cleaning

Downtown Dental Studio

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Regular and professional teeth cleanings are the best preventive measure you can take against tooth decay and ensure the long-term health of your teeth. Children need professional cleaning as much as adults do, and at Downtown Dental Studio in the Financial District of New York, the team offers professional dental cleanings for patients as young as 2 years old. To maintain your oral health, schedule your next cleaning and call the office or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

What happens during a dental cleaning?

Your dentist at Downtown Dental Studio begins by visually examining your teeth and looking for signs of decay, periodontal disease, or other issues of concern.

Your dentist then starts the cleaning process, using a metal tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from around your gum line. The more tartar you have, the more they may need to scrape a particular section of your teeth.

Once your teeth are plaque- and tartar-free, your dentist brushes your teeth using a high-powered electric toothbrush and a special gritty toothpaste. The additional brushing and toothpaste polishes your enamel and removes any remaining plaque.

Your dentist follows up with flossing, making sure to floss in hard-to-reach areas and removing any remaining debris that was missed by the cleaning process.

To finish, your dentist may give you a mouth rinse and a fluoride treatment to keep your teeth as strong as possible until your next dental appointment.

For children getting dental cleanings at Downtown Dental Studio, the team may also suggest molar sealants specially designed to prevent cavities in children, who may not be as proficient and thorough with brushing hard-to-reach-areas.

What is a deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning is an extensive cleaning treatment that cleans below your gums and teeth. The process is also called root planing and scaling, and your dentist at Downtown Dental Studio may recommend a deep cleaning if the area between your teeth and gums, known as pockets, have gotten too deep as a result of periodontal disease.

A deep cleaning is different from a regular cleaning because it cleans the pockets between your teeth and gums as well as the surface of your teeth. Your dentist may numb you for this procedure.

What are the benefits of getting regular teeth cleanings?

At Downtown Dental Studio, the team recommends getting a deep cleaning of your teeth twice a year. If you have advanced dental issues, your dentist may suggest more frequent cleanings.

Good oral health is a building block to the overall health of your body. Getting regular dental cleanings helps you:

  • Prevent cavities
  • Maintains a bright smile
  • Avoid chronic illnesses

If you’re due for a professional teeth cleaning, call the office or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.