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Even patients who take the utmost care of their teeth can experience dental problems. Often, these problems are undetectable by the naked eye. X-rays are the only way your dentist can thoroughly see the bone and tissue in your mouth. At Downtown Dental Studio in New York’s Financial District, the team uses X-rays to detect damage and defects not visible during a routine checkup. To learn more or to book an X-ray for yourself or your child, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

X-Rays Q & A

What are dental X-rays and what are they used for?

An X-ray is a type of imaging test that creates pictures of the inside of your body. At Downtown Dental Studio, the team uses X-rays to diagnose decay and disease that isn’t visible to the naked eye during a routine checkup. 

X-rays are also a preventive measure, helping your dentist detect and treat dental problems in their early stages. Preventive measures like this can save you money in the long run and prevent you from experiencing unnecessary discomfort.

For adult patients, X-rays can show areas of decay that are easy to miss and identify decay that may be occurring below an existing filling. X-rays are also used to detect bone loss or changes in your bone structure that are the result of an infection or gum disease. 

Your dentist may also use an X-ray to prepare for a dental implant or other dental procedures.

In children, X-rays are used to closely monitor for decay. X-rays also help determine if your child is losing teeth at a normal rate and if enough room is available for new teeth to come in properly. X-rays allow your child’s dentist to examine problems from wisdom teeth and other developmental abnormalities.

What happens during an X-ray?

Dental X-rays don’t require any advance preparation on your part. During the procedure, you sit on a chair with a lead apron to cover your chest and lap. The X-ray device is positioned alongside your head and records the images of your mouth.

The team at Downtown Digital Studio offers state-of-the-art digital X-rays for both adults and children. Digital X-rays allow for a more precise diagnosis.

After your X-ray image is taken, a digital X-ray allows for that image to be sent to a computer at the office right away. Your dentist immediately assesses the results of your X-ray and provides a quick diagnosis. 

Having the image as a digital file also allows your dentist to enlarge and enhance the image on the computer screen. This allows them to view your X-ray in more detail and if necessary, correct the image quality so you don’t have to retake an X-ray.

Digital X-rays emit up to 70% less radiation than regular X-rays, making the procedure safer for you and your children. For dental X-rays, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.